Monday, January 31, 2011


The more I play Black Ops the the more I appreciate the submachine gun classes. The main advantage being that you are faster than the other players in the game. When I use smg's I like to rush the middle and keep the pressure one using killsteaks Counter- spy plane, Napalm and Mortars and the perk Hardine. If you have Hardline pro you can change your care package and usulally get some good stuff, so you can go with Care package instead of Napalm if you want. I also suggest this setup if you have a hard time earning kill streaks. I think the 2 best SMG's in the game are the Spectre and the AK74u. The Spectre paired with rapid fire will rival a shotgun at close range, and the AK74u has the longest effective distance of any other smg, making it one of the best mid range weapons in the game. Alot of people seem to like to put rapid fire on the AK74u, I personally think that it ruins the weapon by giving it too much recoil and basically taking away the mid- range potential. Now as always my load out suggestions and tactics differ on experience level. In order for you to get good at rushing you're going to die a lot. I takes a while to get your aim accurate whn you never stop moving so I suggest sensitivity no higher than 4 to start with. I change my SMG loadouts all the time according to game type, but on team death match and domination I suggest this Primary, AK74u w/ grip & extended mags, Secondary: anti-air, Grenades, Frags and flash, Equipment: Claymores, Perks: Hardline, Warlord , Marathon. Warlord pro gets you 1 more of each grenade so it works awesome on a class you want to be aggressive with. This is one of a few classes that i don't run a silencer so in place of that I run Counter-spy plane. If you get more than one person on a team running a set up like this you can really frustrate an enemy team Making the enemy team get frustrated will only get you easy kills and a high win percentage due to "rage quitters."  Using this class you will be subject to a lot of people trying to revenge kill you. Its easily countered by setting a claymore in the area of an enemy you killed. Also setting Claymores around objectives is a simple way to build up some extra kills keeping those Counter-spy planes in the air and allowing you to get into the enemy spawn undetected. If you have more experiance with the game I suggest Flak Jacket in place of Hardine, or jacking up your killstreaks if that kind of play id more your style.

Really experiment in the SMG classes. they are the most versatile weapons in the game and they can be molded for any combat situation. Using rapid fire for close engagements and grips for those reaching the outside of your range. I don't really like playing defensively with SMG's. It feels like they don't do as well as assault rifles taking on multiple enemies.

My next post will be finishing up with gun strategy and moving on to game types. Thanks guys, I'll talk to you soon.


  1. A hot female gamer?
    Following and supporting! :)

  2. I just really, really, really can't stand this game. Anygame where you can tag a guy with two bullets to the leg using an hand-held machine gun from two miles away just isn't fun to play.

    I don't understand why people think this game is realistic. o_O

  3. Although that was a HUGE problem in MW2 It's not as easy to put people down even at close range in this new game. You need at least 3 well placed shots to kill someone in this game. I suggest you rent it and give it a shot if you haven't yet.

  4. You're incredibly hot plus you play my favourite game. Awesome!

  5. Great tips just can't wait for some gun tips

  6. Thank you guys, you are so sweet! :)

    @GADAFINy, I'll be finishing gun tips with assault rifles tomorrow

  7. @codgirl - To be fair, I'm not just making blanket statements about a game I've never played; I completed this game on Veteran and prestiged before forming an opinion.

    Modern Warfare 2 was such and awesome game I thought it best to give CODBO a fair chance to impress me but instead it just confired what I had already thought; Black Ops is basically a large expansion pack with very little changes to MW2, which is even worse when you consider it is made by different devoloper.

    Activision do this with all their games (Tony Hawks, Guitar Hero), they make very minor tweeks so they can release it full price to yet another wave of twitching fanboys. It's a good way to do business, but a bad way to make games.

    -Rant Over-