Friday, February 18, 2011


Today I decided that Im not going to be playing black ops or any other fps that doesnt have dedicated servers. I'm just so fucking tired of the lag and other bullshit that I won't do it any longer. So obviously this blog will be shutting down. I still have the other blog All Things Gaming which I update almost daily I hope that you gusy still keep up with me on that one. thanks for everything guys!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dedicated Servers

I'm not big on bitching about games, but seriously what the fuck is going on with the servers on COD. It wouldn't bother me if the matchmaking program actually chose the best host, but it doesn't. And being the host you get such a big advantage, it just needs to stop. I realize that there are upwards of 300,000 people online playing Black Ops at any givin time, but it needs to happen. I"m so sick of the lag and bullshit hit detection being the reason I have a bad game. I'm not a great player at this game by any means, but I do know when I put enough bullets in someone to kill them and I know when I died in a fair fashion. MW3 Is on its way and I really think that this should be something that should be put into place by the time that it hits shelves. And something that should be put into place for every game on xbox live in the near future. I pay 50 bucks a year, millions of other  people pay 50 bucks a year for what is supposed to be the best online experience in gaming. So I don't see why dedicated servers aren't mandatory like they should be. If you disagree or have something to add please do. Thanks again for reading everyone.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


The First Strike map pack that was released on the 1st of this month on the 360 included a a new Zombies map called Ascension. I have finally played through it enough times to write a comprehensive review. I have never really been a big Zombies player mainly due to the fact that i just seems like all you do is scramble for ammo or sit in a corner and wait for hoards of zombies to run at you by the hundreds. Though that can be amusing, to me it just gets boring to fast. But this new map found ways to fix that, they made it cost less to open doors and thus easier to move more freely while not just holdong up in a corner. There are lots of cool traps that do not cost very much to use, and those two things just make it easier get get tons of pulls out of the mystery box and allowing you to go further into the game.

They also replaced the zombie dogs that came like every 5 levels with monkeys. I don't know if the monkeys were supposed to be more difficult to kill or not, but they aren't. I would actually just rather keep the dogs because I think that they look cooler. I actually like this map a lot and it honestly could have been 10 bucks by itself  and I probably would have bought if after I saw its awesomeness. Its really too bad that PC, PS3 users have to wait so long for something that I have enjoyed for almost a month now. I really think Sony needs to make a push to have more exclusive content because the PS3 has become a 3rd rate system. Which is a huge fall from basically running the market for the 15 previous years before the 360 hit the market. But instead I play on a lower quality system because gaming content is what I want. I want to be able to download content before anyone else and I want to play the games that are exclusive to Xbox. There are a few games that I've had to miss out on but all in all its not enough to make me spend 300 dollars on a system for 4 games. Sorry this turned into a half ass rant about how pissed off I am at Sony for handing the gaming market that it ran for 15 years over to Mircosoft with barely even a fight. But its something that bothers me, I didn't want to turn my back on Sony, but they didn't give me enough reasons to stay and have shown no effort for me to change my mind.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Xbox Ahoy!

This guy really knows how to give great advice and his production work is rather outstanding. I watch the Black Ops weapon guide every week and really look forward to it. I really wish I could afford the equipment to do commentaries but until then I have my blog and I'll just have to post helpful videos that I find. I really hope that you enjoy him as much as I do!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today I had the most fun I ever had playing online games. My friends and I have been playing since early this morning and it has been a blast. We went on a 24 game win streak until some of my other friends joined in on the other team and ruined it :(. But then we they joined up with us we then went on another 20 game win streak. Playing domination with at team that has 4 or more player going 30+ kills and -10 deaths is just hilarious, we even had a girlfriend of mine playing and we would set her up in a good camping spot with claymores everywhere around her. Shes new to the game and we wanted her to be able to get the hang of it.  So I guess it just been the mood I was in yesterday or my friends just made the game, I think think a little of both actually. But I really hope you guys are taking advantage of double xp weekend. Because it really does make all the difference, if you' re looking to get to prestige 15. My best estimate is that it takes me about 17 hrs of game play to prestige, and I have prestiged twice this weekend. It ends Monday night so you still have time!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I put about 20 hrs of game play in so far during this Double xp Weekend and I gotta say... I'm feeling bored. The  game is seeming to drag on more, and the excitement is starting to fade. I'm doing better than ever, my k/d keeps going up, I lead the team in kills a lot of times but still nothing. You guys have any tips for me to ake the game exciting again?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


LMG's in this game to me do nothing but leave you vulnerable, but here are a few tips and poad out suggestions to help you get the most of these class set ups. The first thing that you are going to notcie when you have an LMG equiped is how SLOW you are. Your mobility is gone which is going to leave you vulnerable to almost anyone on the map especially the assault rifles and snipers at distance and the shot gunners and SMG guys when in close quarters. the way that I counteract this is by equipping both Lightweight and Marathon to my perk loadout when I use these weapon types. That will give you the ability to move more freely without feeling like your gun is holding you back.
The other option is to play defense on objective type games with a motion sensor to watch your back and tomahawks to bail you out of those close combat situations where the LMGs are out matched in every way. I also suggest that you add Warlord and work to get the pro version because that extra tomahawk can really bail you out when you need to reload. Another thing to be aware of is that LMGS take a really long time to reload so extended mags should be your go to attachment. The only exception to that rule is the STONER. But like the rest this gun too has a downside. It has an extremely high fire rate and with only having 120 bullets you will be hard pressed to pick up big killstreaks. So if you choose to use lightweight and not Scavenger you find yourself running low on ammo quite often so pick up another gun as soon as you see one available so you aren't 1 kill away from dogs and find yourself out of bullets. The M-60 which seems to be one of the more popular choices does have higher damage than the rest a close range. Pair that with SOH pro and you can somewhat rush the enemy because you will be able to get into ADS almost twice as fast as normal. I still say stick with the extended mag because even with SOH the M-60 takes forever to reload and you will have a hard time staying alive waiting for this. I find the first two LMG's you unlock to be generally worthless so wait for the M-60 and the STONER which are unlocked at the same time at a pretty early in your prestige. Another thing to remember is that since these weapons have a lot of power a hip fire spray and pray isn't out of the question because you don't need to connect with many bullets to bring down an enemy. If you do this make sure you aim at the the middle of the screen because then you will hit them in the chest or in the head of they crouch.
The advantages of the LMG class are easy to figure out. Your gun takes less bullets to kill, thus making sure that if you shoot your target first, you will win every gunfight. I hope that you find these tips effective and it helps improve your game. This is the last installment of the tips for guns. I'm going to go over some map loactions and hot spots in my next series. If you have any questions about anything posted or a gun that I dint go over let me know and I will post something for you. Thanks for taking a look at my site and any feedback is welcome!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For Gun Comparison

I tried getting this post a little neater but failed :(.  But since I got some good feedback on the AR chart I decided to find the rest of them. I hope this help you choose your weapons and imrove your game!

Assault Rifles

Ok I'm sorry that I didn't post this yesterday as promised. I got caught up playing the new map pack and just plain forgot :(. But now I will give you my strategies for the AR classes. The first thing to know going into this is the FAMAS is the most popular gun in the game. Thats largely due to its high fire rate and low recoil. I use this gun alot myself during the lower levels of a prestige, its a versatile weapon and that fire rate can really bail you out of a jam.  That fire rate can really get you into a jam as well because you will have to reload often. So if you want to use this gun I suggest that you use the extended mag attachment. I personally like the GALIL better than the FAMAS and you get it just 6 levels later. It has a lower fire rate but deals more damage. The only time you will be at a disadvantage is in close quarters, so try to keep the enemies at a medium range with this weapon if you can. Another popular choice is the AK 47, I find this weapon has to much recoil for my liking and is hard to keep on an enemy. The bonus to that is it is one of the most powerful guns in the game, so you don't need to hit them many times to put them down. My favorite AR's aren't even unlocked until level 44, which kind of sucks but they are so WORTH IT! They are the COMMANDO and the G-11 and in my opinion are the best AR's in the game. The COMMANDO never takes more than 5 bullets to kill even at distance and thats with the suppressor attachment. The G-11 is a pin-point accurate 3-round burst AR with a high fire rate and damage, out gunning the M-16 in every way. The only downside of the G-11 being its limit in attachments, you can only get what they call a "low power scope" and a variable zoom scope, i find its best to just use the iron sights in combination with SOH . Before level 44 I have a FAMAS class set up with a silencer, Secondary, anti-air, Grenades: Nova gas, and Frags, Equipment: Claymores, Perks: Flack Jacket, SOH, Tactical mask. My other AR class is the GAILIL w/ suppressor and extended mags, Secondary: anti air, Grenades: Flash and Frags, Equipment: Claymore, Perks: Ghost, Warloard, Marathon. When I unlock the COMMANDO I use that in place for the GALIL. I use my FAMAS class for straight rushing and my GALIL class for flanking behind the enemey. I bounce back and forth between classes because i understand the strengths and weaknesses between the weapons and sometimes the enemy will dictate what style you will need to play to beat them. If they are rushing you hard, hold back and pick them off. If they want to be defensive rush them hard and push them out of their comfort zone. The G-11 I like to combine with perks Hardine, SOH, and Hacker. I use it a rushing weapon because and can do that because I am an accurate shooter. If you have trouble placing your shots I suggest you replace Harline with Ghost and hang back. If you have questions aout any of the other ARs or loadout suggestions please don't hesitate to post them.


The First Strike map pack is better than I could have hoped. On top of that Berlin Wall might be my favorite map yet! I just love all the different things I can do. Great flank paths for rushing and awesome sight lines for sniping and taking people by surprise. Stadium is a better version of Nuketown, a great close quarters battle that is great if you like the chaotic side of the game. Discovery is sure to be snipers dream, with the size and the way you can funnel the enemies by taking out the bridge.   So far I see nothing special about the other maps in the pack, but of course I haven't yet spent a lot of time playing them. I will be sure to post more as I become more familiar with them.

As for Ascension, I don't play a lot in the Zombie mode so I will post about that with the rest of the Zombie strategies when I get around to it. I'm sorry that this is more of a review/nerd-gasim , but I'm just really excited to have a new element this game. It will make the path to 15th prestige a lot more FUN!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

First Strike Available NOW!

Here is just a taste of with the new map pack brings into the game. I personally can't wait to get going on them. It also has a new Zombie map the is making the Nerd Nation go crazy. I hope you all get a chance to check them out!

All Things Gaming

A new blog where i will post videos write reviews, and discuss gaming topics. Everyone is welcome to add whatever opinons and content they like. @


The more I play Black Ops the the more I appreciate the submachine gun classes. The main advantage being that you are faster than the other players in the game. When I use smg's I like to rush the middle and keep the pressure one using killsteaks Counter- spy plane, Napalm and Mortars and the perk Hardine. If you have Hardline pro you can change your care package and usulally get some good stuff, so you can go with Care package instead of Napalm if you want. I also suggest this setup if you have a hard time earning kill streaks. I think the 2 best SMG's in the game are the Spectre and the AK74u. The Spectre paired with rapid fire will rival a shotgun at close range, and the AK74u has the longest effective distance of any other smg, making it one of the best mid range weapons in the game. Alot of people seem to like to put rapid fire on the AK74u, I personally think that it ruins the weapon by giving it too much recoil and basically taking away the mid- range potential. Now as always my load out suggestions and tactics differ on experience level. In order for you to get good at rushing you're going to die a lot. I takes a while to get your aim accurate whn you never stop moving so I suggest sensitivity no higher than 4 to start with. I change my SMG loadouts all the time according to game type, but on team death match and domination I suggest this Primary, AK74u w/ grip & extended mags, Secondary: anti-air, Grenades, Frags and flash, Equipment: Claymores, Perks: Hardline, Warlord , Marathon. Warlord pro gets you 1 more of each grenade so it works awesome on a class you want to be aggressive with. This is one of a few classes that i don't run a silencer so in place of that I run Counter-spy plane. If you get more than one person on a team running a set up like this you can really frustrate an enemy team Making the enemy team get frustrated will only get you easy kills and a high win percentage due to "rage quitters."  Using this class you will be subject to a lot of people trying to revenge kill you. Its easily countered by setting a claymore in the area of an enemy you killed. Also setting Claymores around objectives is a simple way to build up some extra kills keeping those Counter-spy planes in the air and allowing you to get into the enemy spawn undetected. If you have more experiance with the game I suggest Flak Jacket in place of Hardine, or jacking up your killstreaks if that kind of play id more your style.

Really experiment in the SMG classes. they are the most versatile weapons in the game and they can be molded for any combat situation. Using rapid fire for close engagements and grips for those reaching the outside of your range. I don't really like playing defensively with SMG's. It feels like they don't do as well as assault rifles taking on multiple enemies.

My next post will be finishing up with gun strategy and moving on to game types. Thanks guys, I'll talk to you soon.

Just wondering

If I started a game review blog, would you follow? If even one or two of you likes this idea I'm going to start doing it, so please let me know. Thanks :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

F1st doin work.

He doesn't take the same approach that I do but he is very good and has helped improve my game. That and its very entertaining, enjoy!


Black Ops is dominated by assault rifle and smg classes thanks to the absence of having a shot gun as a secondary weapon, and the quick scoping feature having having been nerfed. But there are some great maps and game types that will make the shotgun a weapon to be reckoned with if used the right way. Hanoi, Firing Range, Nuketown, Havanna, and Launch offer great close quarters opportunities for the shotgun to shine. Now when considering what loadout to choose with the shotgun is actually more open than you might think. This is my personal favorite though, Primary: Stakeout w/grip, Secondary: CZ275 w/extended mags, Lethal: frags, Tactical: flash, Euipment: Tactical insertion, Perks: Lightweight, SOH, and Marathon. I like having this set up because no matter what happens, I know i"m faster than most of the other players on either team which give me an advantage in two ways, 1st I can get to the choke points first giving me position on the other team from the begining frustrating them right of the bat. 2nd In one on one battles I can run faster around a player than he can spin. Most people only run a 3 or 4 sensitivity and you'll be able to get behind them easily in close combat situations. I like having a pistol with my shotgun classes because you have very limited ammunition in your mags and you may need to finish someone off or put someone down if you run into more than one enemy. The Tactical insertion enables you to keep up the pressure and generate more offense.

Now if you want to play defensively I think the best option is Primary: Spas 12 w/ suppressor, Secondary: CZ275, Grenades: Nova gas and frags, Equipment: Motion sensor or Claymore, Perks: Ghost, SOH, and Tactical mask. I suggest this if you are playing domination or headquarters because you play alot of defense and they will never know that your waiting for them. Use the claymore or motion sensor to watch your back, and the nova gas will hide your position and disorientate the enemy while you move in for the kill.

Now I'm not saying that the other shotguns are bad, I just prefer these two. The Stakeout has the longest leathal distance and the Spas has an 8 round mag. and can be suppressed. I'll be giving you a looking to rushing later on. Thanks guys!


So I was sitting here and I decided to go over some flanking. Flanking is my main attack in the game modes of Team Deathmatch, Domination, Demolition, and Search and Destroy. Its doesn't work as well in the other game modes in my opinion, but I'll go over that another time. For this my loadout usually consists of this. Prim ary: Famas W/suppressor, Secondary: anti-air (LAW or STRELLA) Lethal: Frag, Tactical: Flash, or Concussion (both work equally well) Perks: Ghost, SOH, Tacticle mask. With this loadout you will never appear on the enemy's mini map unless they have a black bird in the sky. With that, if you're careful, you get get behind them rather easily making for easy kill streaks and a higher KDR. Flanking is the easiest way to get better at this game.     At the begining of a match I usually go down the right hand side of the map. You will usually run into one or two enemy's on your way to their spawn so make sure you check your corners carefully. DO NOT SPRINT UNLESS YOU HAVE TO!!! It's a very easy way to get spotted by the other team and shot. So really only do it if you have to get across an open area. Flanking is a patient game that will reward you in time. One mistake I still make is chasing kills. Its hard to let some go but chasing them will usually bring you past the sight line of another player and killed. You have to let some go but there is almost always going to be a multi kill around one of the corners to make up for it. Use the tactical grenades when you come to building where there may be campers. Throw it around a corner and it'll tell you if someone is there, making for an easy kill. Both because you know where they are and now they are semi  incapacitated. Use the frags to throw at objectives or if you know where an enemy is. An theres nothing wrong with a Random toss every now and then either :p. I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Ok, so I had the day off so you can guess what I've been doing. And of course you're right I've been playing codbo ALL DAY. And since i just had a bad round i decided to shut it off and share some things I learned while sniping today. First, there are only a few maps that i find that a sniper is a top weapon on. Grid, Array, WMD, Nuketown (although small, it has some really great sight lines) and radiation.(of course this will change in 2 days with the "First Strike" map pack coming out then and i will add to this when I get a chance to play the maps a little. I tried all of the sniper rifles today in several different maps in several different situations, and found two things right away. The Dragunov is worthless, unless you hit them at the top of the chest or in the head it will take 2 shots to take down an enemy. The WA2000 is better, but if you're just getting started i sugggest you wait until you unlock the L96AW, or the PSG1. And though the L96AW is a bolt action, you will rarely need more than one shot to kill someone. The PSG1 is by far the best in my opinion and i think that most will agree. My load out suggestions will differ for people new to the game, and others might just want to try it if they haven't yet. I highly suggest that you wait until you have unlocked the PSG1 if you're newer to Black Ops. There is no "quick scoping" in this game and the semi-automatic feature will help greatly with just getting used to having to hard scope all the time. Now before I get a head of myself, I should tell you that equipping anti-air in your load out is a bad idea. Get a pistol, you need it for close combat gunfights when you are fighting your way to your position. I suggest the CZ275 with extended mags, its powerful and has a 18 round magazine so you will be able to put an enemy down pretty easily. And although the fully auto attchment seems at first to be the best option, you lose both power and potential fire rate with it. So for noobs, I suggest this for your load out, Primary: PSG1, Secondary: CZ275, Equipment: motion sensor, Leathal grenades: Tomahawk, Tactical grenade: Decoy, Perks: Ghost, Scout, and Ninja. Make sure that you DO NOT put attachments on the sniper rifles. No matter what you put on them they will lose power and basically that takes away the only advantage of being a sniper. You want 1 shot one kill, the more time you spend shooting at one guy the more likely you will be spotted and killed by someone else. Normally i use claymores almost exclusively, but while sniping you will want to know whats going on around you so the motion sensor is by far the best choice. Set it up by an entrance of a building that you can't see from you're position. Because then you will always be ready if someone is coming up behind you. Ninja is for the same purpose. It makes it so your character doesn't make noise when on the move making it easier to detect enemys close by.  Decoy grenades I think is self explanitory, use them to bait your enemy's. And the tomahawk can bail you out in a close combat situation.I highly suggest getting Ninja Pro if you are going to continue sniping because then apart from you not making noise the enemy's are much louder and thus, easier to detect. Now although ghost keeps you of the radar but you will be seen when you fire so don't stay in one place to long. People will come quickly when the find out where you are. The loadout i suggest for intermediate players, replace scout with SOH, if you don't need the extra few seconds of holding you breath, being able to reload faster is almost always the difference between life and death. I'm sorry this post got a little long I'll try to keep them shorter from now on. Unless you guys tell me different that it is :). I hope you find this information useful and please ask any questions if you have them

Some basics

Its been a long time coming but i finally have a way to share my knowledge of games with the masses ;). I've been into video games for a long time, even before it was "socially acceptable" for girls to be gamers. So now I've decided to at least do my best to post strategy's and thing that work for me in CODBO. We"ll get to other games when i get sick of this one for now. First, camping in this game will get you killed, so you have to stay on the move. And although you must stay on the move, sprinting is a bad idea. Alot of the maps are pretty small and there ALWAYS seems to be someone around the next corner. Try to play with at least a few friends and use teamwork to empty buildings and capture objectives. Being able to communicate with your teammates is essential in this game. So don't be afraid to constantly tell your team where you are and if there are enemy's in the vicinity. My main loadout consists of Ghost, SOH, and Tactical mask for perks and then a FAMAS or GALIL for my primary and anti air such as the LAW or STRELLA for my secondary, Frags, flash, (although i suggest concussion tactical grenades for people new to the game) , and claymores for my equipment. If the claymores don't work for you, then i suggest a motion sensor to watch you back. When I'm not using Ghost I use Flak Jacket, which will prevent those annoying ass RC-XD's  and claymores from killing you. For right now I'm going to test out some sniper stuff, and get back on here tonight or tomorrow to share some of that stuff with you. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments, I'm more than happy to help in any way I can