Saturday, January 29, 2011


Ok, so I had the day off so you can guess what I've been doing. And of course you're right I've been playing codbo ALL DAY. And since i just had a bad round i decided to shut it off and share some things I learned while sniping today. First, there are only a few maps that i find that a sniper is a top weapon on. Grid, Array, WMD, Nuketown (although small, it has some really great sight lines) and radiation.(of course this will change in 2 days with the "First Strike" map pack coming out then and i will add to this when I get a chance to play the maps a little. I tried all of the sniper rifles today in several different maps in several different situations, and found two things right away. The Dragunov is worthless, unless you hit them at the top of the chest or in the head it will take 2 shots to take down an enemy. The WA2000 is better, but if you're just getting started i sugggest you wait until you unlock the L96AW, or the PSG1. And though the L96AW is a bolt action, you will rarely need more than one shot to kill someone. The PSG1 is by far the best in my opinion and i think that most will agree. My load out suggestions will differ for people new to the game, and others might just want to try it if they haven't yet. I highly suggest that you wait until you have unlocked the PSG1 if you're newer to Black Ops. There is no "quick scoping" in this game and the semi-automatic feature will help greatly with just getting used to having to hard scope all the time. Now before I get a head of myself, I should tell you that equipping anti-air in your load out is a bad idea. Get a pistol, you need it for close combat gunfights when you are fighting your way to your position. I suggest the CZ275 with extended mags, its powerful and has a 18 round magazine so you will be able to put an enemy down pretty easily. And although the fully auto attchment seems at first to be the best option, you lose both power and potential fire rate with it. So for noobs, I suggest this for your load out, Primary: PSG1, Secondary: CZ275, Equipment: motion sensor, Leathal grenades: Tomahawk, Tactical grenade: Decoy, Perks: Ghost, Scout, and Ninja. Make sure that you DO NOT put attachments on the sniper rifles. No matter what you put on them they will lose power and basically that takes away the only advantage of being a sniper. You want 1 shot one kill, the more time you spend shooting at one guy the more likely you will be spotted and killed by someone else. Normally i use claymores almost exclusively, but while sniping you will want to know whats going on around you so the motion sensor is by far the best choice. Set it up by an entrance of a building that you can't see from you're position. Because then you will always be ready if someone is coming up behind you. Ninja is for the same purpose. It makes it so your character doesn't make noise when on the move making it easier to detect enemys close by.  Decoy grenades I think is self explanitory, use them to bait your enemy's. And the tomahawk can bail you out in a close combat situation.I highly suggest getting Ninja Pro if you are going to continue sniping because then apart from you not making noise the enemy's are much louder and thus, easier to detect. Now although ghost keeps you of the radar but you will be seen when you fire so don't stay in one place to long. People will come quickly when the find out where you are. The loadout i suggest for intermediate players, replace scout with SOH, if you don't need the extra few seconds of holding you breath, being able to reload faster is almost always the difference between life and death. I'm sorry this post got a little long I'll try to keep them shorter from now on. Unless you guys tell me different that it is :). I hope you find this information useful and please ask any questions if you have them


  1. Well, I don't have a copy of CoD/BO yet, but when i get around to it this will be good for getting me started on the right track. I always like to be a sniper if possible. On another note the HK PSG1 is also the best sniper rifle in real life and well worth buying if you get the chance...

    About the length of this post. I didn't mind at all. If you keep up this level of writing in the future I don't think you'd need to shorten them up. It held my attention even though I don't have CoD yet. That's just my take on it though, most readers might be lazy.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad that you are find the info useful. I do highly suggest that you buy the game if you like the FPS genre. But beware you need more bullets to kill and there are a lot more rushing type players in this vs. the camping festival that MW2 became.