Thursday, February 10, 2011


The First Strike map pack that was released on the 1st of this month on the 360 included a a new Zombies map called Ascension. I have finally played through it enough times to write a comprehensive review. I have never really been a big Zombies player mainly due to the fact that i just seems like all you do is scramble for ammo or sit in a corner and wait for hoards of zombies to run at you by the hundreds. Though that can be amusing, to me it just gets boring to fast. But this new map found ways to fix that, they made it cost less to open doors and thus easier to move more freely while not just holdong up in a corner. There are lots of cool traps that do not cost very much to use, and those two things just make it easier get get tons of pulls out of the mystery box and allowing you to go further into the game.

They also replaced the zombie dogs that came like every 5 levels with monkeys. I don't know if the monkeys were supposed to be more difficult to kill or not, but they aren't. I would actually just rather keep the dogs because I think that they look cooler. I actually like this map a lot and it honestly could have been 10 bucks by itself  and I probably would have bought if after I saw its awesomeness. Its really too bad that PC, PS3 users have to wait so long for something that I have enjoyed for almost a month now. I really think Sony needs to make a push to have more exclusive content because the PS3 has become a 3rd rate system. Which is a huge fall from basically running the market for the 15 previous years before the 360 hit the market. But instead I play on a lower quality system because gaming content is what I want. I want to be able to download content before anyone else and I want to play the games that are exclusive to Xbox. There are a few games that I've had to miss out on but all in all its not enough to make me spend 300 dollars on a system for 4 games. Sorry this turned into a half ass rant about how pissed off I am at Sony for handing the gaming market that it ran for 15 years over to Mircosoft with barely even a fight. But its something that bothers me, I didn't want to turn my back on Sony, but they didn't give me enough reasons to stay and have shown no effort for me to change my mind.


  1. good review, and i mostly agree with your ranting :)

  2. You make me wanna buy Black Ops... I'm a halo fan. That game isn't safe for me.

  3. @Rob: Halo has been boring since the release of the 3rd game. The only reason most of the people I know still play it strictly because they fell in love with the story and want to see where it goes.

    @Anonymouse: Thanks. It just frustrates me, lol

    @Scootland: I agree :)

  4. great review keep them coming