Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Assault Rifles

Ok I'm sorry that I didn't post this yesterday as promised. I got caught up playing the new map pack and just plain forgot :(. But now I will give you my strategies for the AR classes. The first thing to know going into this is the FAMAS is the most popular gun in the game. Thats largely due to its high fire rate and low recoil. I use this gun alot myself during the lower levels of a prestige, its a versatile weapon and that fire rate can really bail you out of a jam.  That fire rate can really get you into a jam as well because you will have to reload often. So if you want to use this gun I suggest that you use the extended mag attachment. I personally like the GALIL better than the FAMAS and you get it just 6 levels later. It has a lower fire rate but deals more damage. The only time you will be at a disadvantage is in close quarters, so try to keep the enemies at a medium range with this weapon if you can. Another popular choice is the AK 47, I find this weapon has to much recoil for my liking and is hard to keep on an enemy. The bonus to that is it is one of the most powerful guns in the game, so you don't need to hit them many times to put them down. My favorite AR's aren't even unlocked until level 44, which kind of sucks but they are so WORTH IT! They are the COMMANDO and the G-11 and in my opinion are the best AR's in the game. The COMMANDO never takes more than 5 bullets to kill even at distance and thats with the suppressor attachment. The G-11 is a pin-point accurate 3-round burst AR with a high fire rate and damage, out gunning the M-16 in every way. The only downside of the G-11 being its limit in attachments, you can only get what they call a "low power scope" and a variable zoom scope, i find its best to just use the iron sights in combination with SOH . Before level 44 I have a FAMAS class set up with a silencer, Secondary, anti-air, Grenades: Nova gas, and Frags, Equipment: Claymores, Perks: Flack Jacket, SOH, Tactical mask. My other AR class is the GAILIL w/ suppressor and extended mags, Secondary: anti air, Grenades: Flash and Frags, Equipment: Claymore, Perks: Ghost, Warloard, Marathon. When I unlock the COMMANDO I use that in place for the GALIL. I use my FAMAS class for straight rushing and my GALIL class for flanking behind the enemey. I bounce back and forth between classes because i understand the strengths and weaknesses between the weapons and sometimes the enemy will dictate what style you will need to play to beat them. If they are rushing you hard, hold back and pick them off. If they want to be defensive rush them hard and push them out of their comfort zone. The G-11 I like to combine with perks Hardine, SOH, and Hacker. I use it a rushing weapon because and can do that because I am an accurate shooter. If you have trouble placing your shots I suggest you replace Harline with Ghost and hang back. If you have questions aout any of the other ARs or loadout suggestions please don't hesitate to post them.


  1. I agree with your choice of the famas+silencer for rushing, but on my class I had steady aim on just for the extra hip-fire accuracy. I definately used that class for most of the game just because for me that was just he method that worked.

    Although once I did finally get to the higher levels I did switch from mainly using the famas class to the G11 because I could take mostly everyone out with one burst.

    Good post, can't wait to see more from you.

  2. thanks a lot for that image its very helpful for comparing guns. Ive been rocking the commando lately and its been working out great!

  3. Thanks alot guys, I will be covering LMGs tomorrow!

    @Cpt Pownzor I added the rest of the Gun Charts for reference.