Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dedicated Servers

I'm not big on bitching about games, but seriously what the fuck is going on with the servers on COD. It wouldn't bother me if the matchmaking program actually chose the best host, but it doesn't. And being the host you get such a big advantage, it just needs to stop. I realize that there are upwards of 300,000 people online playing Black Ops at any givin time, but it needs to happen. I"m so sick of the lag and bullshit hit detection being the reason I have a bad game. I'm not a great player at this game by any means, but I do know when I put enough bullets in someone to kill them and I know when I died in a fair fashion. MW3 Is on its way and I really think that this should be something that should be put into place by the time that it hits shelves. And something that should be put into place for every game on xbox live in the near future. I pay 50 bucks a year, millions of other  people pay 50 bucks a year for what is supposed to be the best online experience in gaming. So I don't see why dedicated servers aren't mandatory like they should be. If you disagree or have something to add please do. Thanks again for reading everyone.