Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The First Strike map pack is better than I could have hoped. On top of that Berlin Wall might be my favorite map yet! I just love all the different things I can do. Great flank paths for rushing and awesome sight lines for sniping and taking people by surprise. Stadium is a better version of Nuketown, a great close quarters battle that is great if you like the chaotic side of the game. Discovery is sure to be snipers dream, with the size and the way you can funnel the enemies by taking out the bridge.   So far I see nothing special about the other maps in the pack, but of course I haven't yet spent a lot of time playing them. I will be sure to post more as I become more familiar with them.

As for Ascension, I don't play a lot in the Zombie mode so I will post about that with the rest of the Zombie strategies when I get around to it. I'm sorry that this is more of a review/nerd-gasim , but I'm just really excited to have a new element this game. It will make the path to 15th prestige a lot more FUN!!


  1. I appreciate a good Black Ops match, and girl gamers are hawt.
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  2. Thanks for the support, I hope to hear from you more!